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Incense Jasmine

This the price for a kilo (1 kg) of net weight incense.

Base price with tax: 25,20 €
Sales price: 25,20 €

Frankincense which comes with a variety of scents directly from Oman. Choose it for religious reasons or try to burn scented frankincense everywhere to give some positive energy.

This the price for a kilo (1 kg) of net weight incense.

Frankincense, known also as incense, is a dried extract of the Boswellia tree, which thrives in Oman of the Arabic peninsula. During the ancient years its use was expanded to medicine, as its therapeutical properties were practically verified. The burning of frankincense has a very special position in the traditions of the Christian religion, as it symbolizes the purification and the rise of the spiritual temper.

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